If you find the planning process is a maze then I can help guide you through it. Time is money and good advice is critical to understanding what are realistic timescales and how to avoid delays and wasted time.

From new buildings and changes in use to extensions, plant and machinery or advertisements, covering agriculture, retail, hospitality, commercial, industrial, offices and much, much more. I can work with business clients at whatever stage they have reached in their project.

At the outset, I can offer advice on options, strategy and tactics. I can identify opportunities and approaches you may not have known were available. I can assess how likely it is your case will succeed.

I can come on board as part of an existing development team, working alongside for example your architect. Or I can put together and manage on your behalf a project team of relevant professionals to deliver a successful planning outcome.

To help improve a projects chance of success I can produce a Planning Statement. This explains to the council why approval should be given for what you want to do. I can also prepare and submit planning and other types of application, and then once the application is made I can liaise and if necessary negotiate with the council on your behalf.

Other areas of work I can help with include

  • Planning appeals against a decision by a council – advising on whether an appeal is the best course of action and if so then how best to pursue it.
  • Lawfulness issues – where you may want to prove something is or would be lawful, or where perhaps it is alleged something has been done without the proper approvals.
  • Policy work – to get a site allocated for something in a local or neighbourhood plan or to seek to influence the content of a plan in some other way.
  • Advocacy work – advice and representation if you are concerned about how a proposed development may affect you.